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4 Hands Erotic Massage

Two Amsterdam escorts performing the famous 4 Hands Erotic Massage, something not to be missed

Our 4 Hands Erotic Massage is a unique massage where two masseuses working together to massage the clients entire body. The focus of the massage is to relax the client but also to stimulate them to the point of climax.

Having two masseuses is a more visually stimulating experience as both masseuses are naked, up close and all around. Client are encourage to touch the masseuses during the erotic massage.

Common Questions

[mks_accordion] [mks_accordion_item title=”Can I climax during the massage?”] Yes of course, this is our objective.
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Can I touch the masseuses?”] Yes you can, most of them will probably put your hands on them.
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Can I have sex with the masseuse?”] This is not part of the package, however if you pay the girl extra this is possible.
[/mks_accordion_item] [mks_accordion_item title=”Do I need massage oils or anything else?”] No, our girls will bring everything they need, you just need to be naked and ready to go.
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Erotic Massage Prices

Please see the hourly rate for this massage.

1 Hour x 2 Girls€300
2 Hours x 2 Girls€600

Please Note: These prices are for Amsterdam. If you are in a remote location you will need to book 2 hours minimum.

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