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Anal Escort Service in Amsterdam

We provide a top Anal Escort Service that is delivered directly to your hotel room. Our experienced  A-level escorts know just how to fulfil your fantasies. If you’ve never tried the a-level service before then why not make this your first time. For many men this fantasy is top of their list, this is your chance to turn this fantasy into a reality.

What is Anal Escort Service ?

This service involves the client penetrating the escorts anus with their penis in either the missionary or doggy style positions.

Reasons men like A-level Sex

Modern research as defined the following reasons why men like anal sex.

  • It’s Taboo:  Men always want what they can’t have making a-level sex extremely exciting.
  • Control: Anal sex puts men firmly in control of the sexual act, which can be appealing to some
  • Bucket List: Many simply want to try the experience after hearing about it
  • Tighter: Penetrating the anus is much tighter which can be most enjoyable to some men
  • Variety: The spice of life, men love everything new and this certainly is not the norm
  • Bums: Many men love behinds
  • Primal: Anal sex is extremely primal, it’s not about procreation

Package Price

Our Anal Escort Service (A-level Service) costs the following. Sex is included in the price if this is part of your fantasy.

1 Hour€250
2 Hours€500

Please Note: These prices are for Amsterdam, locations such as Rotterdam and The Hague require a minimum booking of 2 hours.

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