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Duo Escort Amsterdam Service

Double the Experience with two Escorts

The number one fantasy for men has always been to have two women at the same time. Our duo escort service provides clients with the opportunity to satisfy this desire. We guarantee once you’ve had a taste you’ll be coming back for more.

Why Duo Escort Service?

Other than the obvious the experience is quite unique. Visually and sexually the service offers a sexual dynamic which can only be experienced by having multiple escorts. Escorts working together also function differently than when working by themselves, which means the experience is unique in every way.

Package Price

The rates for this service are as follows.

1 Hour – 2 Girls€320
2 Hours – 2 Girls€640
3 Hours – 2 Girls€1200

Please Note: These prices are for Amsterdam, locations such as Rotterdam and The Hague require a minimum booking of 2 hours.

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