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Amsterdam Escorts for Couples

When you and your partner want to change things up

In recent times couples are increasingly looking for ways to spice up their sexual relationships. One such method is the threesome, in which the couple introduces a third person, usually a woman. Unfortunately finding such a woman is not an easy task and presents various challenges in terms of trust, hence our Escorts for Couples service.

Why use ‘Escorts for Couples’ service ?

Introducing a third person into an intimate sexual experience can be a risky matter. Using an escort has the following benefits:

  1. An escort is no threat to the relationship
  2. Escorts are invested in ensuring both of you are sexually satisfied
  3. They have experience in threesomes
  4. They will follow any rules of engagement
  5. It’s convenient

Things to Consider

Before trying a threesome with your partner make sure to following these golden rules:

1. Trust

Make sure you both trust each other completely and that you both want to do this. Relationships that are having problems should not be tested with a threesome and will not benefit from such an activity.

2. Respect Limits

Ensure that you both respect each others limits. The partner with the most reservations should be the one to set the boundaries. Discuss things prior to the occasion, be open as to what you both like and don’t like. Remember unless you completely open minded having a threesome can be quite a shock to some people, seeing ones partner with another person can affect people in different ways.

3. Don’t be too Creative

Sticking to your plan in the initial stages is very important. Don’t try and push each others boundaries too much, certainly not initially. If you play your cards right you can make this a regular activity and try new things with time. Move too fast and one of you might have a problem stopping things dead in their tracks.

Package Price

Our “Escorts for Couples” service costs the following.

1 Hour€250
2 Hours€500
3 Hours€750


Please Note: These prices are for Amsterdam, locations such as Rotterdam and The Hague require a minimum booking of 2 hours.

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